Bai Hong Tang (M) Sdn Bhd


The establishment of Bai Hong Tang (BHT) related immensely with the domestic Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) industry. At BHT, we’re driven by deep respect for the time-proven practices and philosophies that underpin traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), as well as Ayurvedic medicine, Western herbal medicine and naturopathy.

Our aim is to inspire you to strive for the balanced lifestyle that our home in Malaysia is renowned for – one that incorporates fresh food, plenty of play and exercise, mindfulness and relaxation, and a vibrant community in which everyone is welcome.

BHT’s core business is to develop and supply top-notch health products for the benefit of our community health. Our professional team is committed to developing and launching a series of high-efficacy health products for healthcare retailers’ distribution.

BHT’s products are manufactured by GMP-certified manufacturers and comply with stringent GMP standards. The GMP standards are designed to ensure the entire manufacturing process, such as facilities, manufacturing processes, equipment and personnel are complying to the quality and safety requirements.

Our future business vision is to alliance with top branded and reliable raw material supplier’s world widely to develop and manufacture unique and excellent quality health products for healthcare retailers. BHT will be launching more functional health products by stages, enabling healthcare retailers marking a new milestone by breaking though the traditional limitations, with a comprehensive functional health product line to fulfil the various needs of consumers.


Developed and launched a series of high-efficacy, top-quality health supplement products for healthcare channel. This will fulfil the various customer needs of today’s diversified healthcare marketing model.


The values we prize and celebrate are:

Tradition and wisdom: We aim to make the incredible potential and wisdom inherent in traditional medicine practices from around the world available to everyone to use to enrich their health and wellbeing

Balance and synergy: The concepts of synergy, balance and harmony that are central to TCM are at the core of everything we do, from our approach to product formulation to our ongoing endeavours to minimise our environmental footprint

Being progressive: We’re constantly focused on innovation and discovery, enabling us to improve our product range based on our knowledge, experience and ongoing research

Integrity: We continuously demonstrate ethical behaviour and place ongoing emphasis on ensuring our products deliver maximum benefits to our consumers. Sustainability is also imperative to our success

Care: Just like the ingredients in our products, BHT team, retailers, consumers and suppliers are a vibrant and diverse group of individuals from all corners of the world. We actively choose to be inclusive and respectful of the cultural values and health needs of all, and look for opportunities to foster a sense of community